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The Oval Office is nearly as familiar an image as the president himself. But the first lady’s work space is the opposite: rarely photographed or mentioned by the press. Yet it’s a busy, highly trafficked part of the White House, where Michelle Obama makes phone calls, holds meetings, hosts visitors and conducts interviews. As she garners ever more attention for her initiatives, world travels and social engagements, we find ourselves wondering: What does her East Wing office look like?

With the help of White House aides, who shared details about the space and provided photos, POLITICO has assembled a peek at where FLOTUS gets her work done. One thing’s for sure: The work space is a far cry from the Oval Office.

The first lady, who redecorated the space last summer, has gone for something more casual than the gold tones of the Oval Office: an off-white, overstuffed, living-room-type couch — with floral and other printed pillows — along with two brown-and-cream-patterned chairs. The space is painted a warm, cozy peach color, and the windows feature plantation-style shutters rather than curtains or blinds.