It took a long, long time to happen, but now the fact is the U.S. Coast Guard has appointed its first black female helicopter pilot.

Lt. JG La’Shanda Holmes, 25, is now an inspiration on USCG search and rescue missions in Southern California because of her achievement. Colleagues believe Holmes will motivate others, especially minority girls, to aim for the sky, reports NBC news.

“I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon,” she said, “It wasn’t perfect for me. If you don’t put a limit on what you want out of life, keep dreaming. Anything is possible.”

Holmes grew up in foster care in Fayetteville, NC with more than a dozen siblings

NBC news says another aviation pioneer, Lt. Jeanne Menze, mentored Holmes. Menze was the first black female pilot in the Coast Guard and flies fixed-wing aircraft.