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HOUSTON- A die-hard Houston Texans fan hopes to raise money for one of his favorite football players.

The Sunday foot “brawl” between Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson and Titans Cornerback Cortland Finnegan will cost each $25,000.

After watching the action on the field, Taylor Gahm decided he had to do something.

“We all know that fighting isn’t right,” Gahm said. “We know what Cortland Finnegan was doing. We all know what kind of person

Johnson is, and that, to me, is the heart of what I’m doing.”

Gahm created a website for fans to pay the NFL fine imposed on the player who wears jersey #80.

“What I wanna do is raise the $25,000 from the fans to pay Johnson’s fine,” Gahm said.

The idea might be a one-man mission, but he hopes it will catch on.

John Sanchez likes the idea.

“Absolutely. I would donate right now! Where’s my wallet?” he asked.

Tommy King knows that Johnson makes big bucks with every game and can’t imagine pitching in.

“I think he makes plenty of money,” King said. “Twenty-five thousand dollars is nothing to that man. I’d like his money.”

Gahm said it’s not about the money, but showing support for his team and the star receiver.

“I don’t think a role model has to be perfect,” Gahm said. “The fact that he came out and apologized, right off the bat, really shows his character.”

Gahm set up the fund up on a site that specializes in raising money for non-profits and will collect for ten days. He’s hoping that a charity might benefit from the fundraiser.

Johnson was at a loss for words when we first told him about the website.

Eventually, he came up with a plan.

“If some money is raised and they wanna give it to me, I will buy more presents for kids for Christmas,” Johnson said.