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Chuck Berry was forced to leave the stage after slumping over a keyboard during a concert he was performing in Chicago on Saturday night.

The musician, 84, was helped offstage after seeming weak. He returned about 15 minutes later, but was quickly taken back off the stage to be examined by paramedics, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The singer’s rep, Dick Alen, told the New York Daily News that the incident was due to “exhaustion,” and that Berry is “currently on a plane on [the] way home.”

According to fire department spokesman Joe Roccasalva, the music legend signed a release form saying that he was fine and he was not taken to a hospital.

“All I know is he felt faint, he felt weak, and I was told to call 911,” Michael Petryshyn, the concert’s promoter, told the paper after Berry’s departure.

During the Chicago concert, Berry began the show fine, but quickly began to play unsteadily and took an extended break to retune his guitar, the Tribune reports.

“Obviously, something was off,” said Petryshyn, the promoter. “Fifteen minutes into the set it went from fine to something wasn’t right. He was starting songs mid-song, playing 15 seconds of a song.”

On New Year’s Eve, Berry performed two shows in New York City.

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