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Hey Family…being the gadget guy that I am, and working in an office with all tech “heads” I thought I would share with some of my Elev8 family the buzz around the water cooler about the new gadgets that have either just come out or are on the way out.

To start off, the new Apple MacBook it’s basically a cheaper version of the “Pro” line of Mac’s…it’s a little less powerful and cheaper at $999.99 retail but made for students and entry- level users. It’s like the Mac Mini of laptops. Now I don’t know a lot of Mac lovers but the few I do know say it’s a solid machine and a good deal at that price.

Next up is the Nook. Barnes and Nobles seems to have done their homework, they have a good E-reader product hitting the shelves at $249.00 with a cool little 3.5 inch LCD screen at the bottom of the device. Not to mention the Nook comes with some nice touch capabilities which the more expensive Kindle at $499.00 just doesn’t have. Again I don’t know a gang of folks with an E-reader but I think with the Nook being more affordable than the other products on the market, and the fact that it’s sold at Barnes and Noble…I expect I’ll know a lot more.

Lastly Sony has announced that they will be releasing a less expensive flat screen TV. The new LCD 32 inch TV looks like it will be retailing at around $350.00 according to DigiTimes. This will put a ton of pressure on the competition to come up with a comparable product at or lower than the Sony price point. The new line of Sony products according to DigiTimes doesn’t look like it will hit the shelves before Christmas…so you might want to hold on to some of your birthday and Christmas money if you plan on coming up.

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