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‘The View’ looked a whole lot brighter today with guest co-host Nia Long. The star of the critically acclaimed indie hit Mooz-lum was drop-dead gorgeous in a body hugging red sheath dress and killer Bryan Atwood pumps.  It was all love at the table as Whoopi referred to Nia as ‘my child.’  Nia recounted how she met Whoopi back in the early 90’s, when she auditioned for the role of Whoopi’s daughter in Made in America (which also starred Will Smith).

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Nia had to audition five times, and on her last attempt she bumped into Whoopi on the elevator.  Whoopi assured her that she had the role and imparted some words of wisdom to the then up and coming actress.  “Whoopi told me I needed to develop a second layer of skin (for this business).” Nia graciously thanked Whoopi for her sage advice.

Nia also plugged her new movie Mooz-lum, which just received a glowing review from The New York Times. Nia also shared her experiences as a single mother, “There’s no nannies. Just me. I make the food, I do the carpool, to take him (son Masai) to school in my pj’s.” However, she was quick to add that Masai’s father “is amazing.”

The conversation then turned into a debate on whether fathers were necessary in raising and disciplining their children to which Nia responded “I didn’t value traditional relationships in my 20’s because I grew up with my parents not being together, had a baby in my 30’s and now that I’m in my 40’s I’m asking, ‘where is the man?”

Things really got interesting with featured guest of the day, musician and actor Harry Connick Jr. When asked on his feelings about Esperanza Spalding winning the Best New Artist Grammy, Connick stated bluntly “I don’t know who she is.”  Connick felt that Justin Bieber should have won.  “Justin Bieber is doing something Esperanza hasn’t. He has done the most for the record business.  He has kept the record business alive.”

In summary, Nia made a great addition to the show. Beautiful, smart, and personable, here’s hoping ‘The View’ will ask her back for a second round of co-hosting duties.


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