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Life can be a challenge each day.  We all experience various situations throughout our day at home, work and just going along our way.  Being present and not sweating the small stuff is a safe and easy way to avoid making a move that you just might regret.

I wonder if Oscar Fuller wishes he could rewind his steps last week in New York City.

Click here for more details from NY Daily News

All of this because of a parking space? What enraged Oscar Fuller and Lana Rosas so much that a physical altercation happened which resulted in Ms. Rosas in a coma? Regardless of what happened or who hit who first, was this horrible event preventable?

Ms. Rosas lying unconscious and bystanders waiting for help

As you go through your day relax and appreciate your life… don’t sweat the small stuff.

Our prayers go to out to Ms. Lana Rosas and her family.

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