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In the last couple of weeks the internet, specifically YouTube, has not just been the home for hilarious videos featuring sneezing pandas or surfing dogs, but has brought to light the lack of respect for women in hip-hop, the violently derogatory way some men view women, and showcased the racial hatred and ignorance of some Manhattan high school students.

Over the weekend, another racially motivated YouTube video has gone viral. In this video, a UCLA student, reportedly Alexandra Wallace, verbally bashes ‘random Asians’ who dare to have their families visit and cook food in her apartment building and *gasp* speak on the phone while in the library. Wallace praises herself for being a ‘nice American girl’ with good ‘American manners’ while at the same time bemoans the Asian students for their lack of manners. All while she mocks their ‘random language’, with ‘oohhhh, ching chong, ling long, ting tong’. Yep, she is definitely one to be talking about manners.

The complete garbage she sprouts has lead some to believe that the video will have to be proven a joke in the coming weeks, however after watching the clip, I can’t think of what it is that she is trying to joke about if indeed it is a joke, so I am tending to believe that shockingly, she is for real.

What is going on? It is so disturbing to me that almost everyday there is another such video or email doing the rounds. How can people not understand the unacceptability of what it is that they are saying? And why do people feel the need to post such racist, or sexist, or homophobic or whatever it is they want to rant about, garbage, in a public forum?

I was directed to this video this morning via text message from a friend, who said ‘you have to watch this video. And people say that America is not racist anymore, yeah right!’ Sadly, I had to agree.

Watch the video and tell us what you think. Are we even getting closer to a more tolerant America?

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