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Dear Gay Best Friend,

Ok, so let me break this down. I am a recently single 23 year old white female. I have two kids and I just started dating and going out again. All of the guys I meet are not what I’m looking for. So two months ago I went out with some girlfriends and I met someone at a club (black guy 27 y/o) who I thought was cute and we exchanged numbers.

Well, when I got home that night we talked on the phone and I found out he was dating someone and that’s not ever been my style so I told him to kick rocks. Well we texted as friends for a month and I actually starting liking the guy…. A lot. Which led to sexting…Which led to meeting up… And other things… At one point I said “if this isn’t going anywhere then we should stop talking” and he has a way of making me feel like we should at least stay friends. But it never stays that way long. We actually just had sex for the first time and he is still talking to me but I now feel the need to be jealous. And maybe check his Facebook page often! I know I sound like a crazy bitch but dude has really got me falling!

So anyways he has a lot of white friends that are girls…. And it seems like I may be in a “Weekly rotation”?!??? But I enjoy his company. I really enjoy the sex. And he is the first guy that I have slept with or even liked since my long term ex. Should I let this burn? And not talk at all to him anymore? Or have fun and risk getting hurt? – The Sex Is Good

“We’ve Been Engaged For 10 Years And She Won’t Set A Wedding Date”

Dear Ms. The Sex Is Good,

Well, sweetie, you’re already humping the man and he’s got you feigning, although you said you were not interested in seeing a man who is dating someone. So, I’m just curious Ms. Vanilla Swirl, what happened to your morals and values? Did you just throw them out the window and decide to explore the tempted nectar of the Black man?

But, I love your statement where you wrote, “At one point I said “if this isn’t going anywhere then we should stop talking” and he has a way of making me feel like we should at least stay friends.” I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. At first you didn’t want to be involved with a guy who was seeing someone else, but then you start making demands. (*  *) Blank stare. Where do you women come from? Seriously, where do you come from? I love your sense of entitlement, and thinking he’s supposed to stop his life and make you his girl after texting, then sexting for months. Girl, go kick rocks with your pale feet.

And, can’t no one make you stay friends with them unless you want to. You knew you wanted to jump his bones when you first met him. Then you wanted to play shy and coy. Bitch please! Stop playing the victim with this damsel in distress routine. Ugh! I bet you fantasize he’s the big Black man taking advantage of you. Don’t you?

And, why would you ever think you could just be “friends” with a man who has a girlfriend? You know what, here’s a message to all you hookers out there who are “friends” with a man who has a girlfriend, yet you are sexting him, he is not your friend! Dumb broads.

Why are you even entertaining the subject and conversation? Ugh, I swear stupid is what stupid does. Are you blonde by choice or by birth? I swear whatever bleaching system you’re putting on them roots you need to stop it because it’s seeping into your brain.

I tell you, it’s too damn early in the week for this nonsense. And, you already got two kids at 23 years old, SMDH, and now you’re back to your old tricks. I know it’s hard to break old habits of being a hoe, but my dear, if you want to be and do better, then you’ve got to change. You have to stop devaluing yourself. Why, oh why, would you keep texting this man, which led to sexting, and now the actual thing is happening? Now, you’re stalking the man, again I’m SMDH, that must be some good ole black d**k. He got you stalking his Facebook page, and then you find out he has a lot of white female friends and you’re a part of his weekly rotation. Chile, is your name BECKY? LMBAO!

Look, Ms. The Sex Is Good, I think you need to stop all contact and communication with this man. It’s obvious you can’t handle the terms of the situation, which is that you’re a booty call. And, when you’re a booty call you don’t stalk, catch feelings, or make demands to be other than such. You’re a jump-off. Stay in your lane and stop trying to merge. It’s obvious you don’t know the rules of engagement and your dumb ass has gotten sprung on that Mandingo meat. Move on, and let that man go. He is not going to stop being a man-whore for you. And, since you know that he has you in a weekly rotation then why are you sticking around? Are you satisfied with sharing community d**k? Why am I asking you this question, of course you don’t mind sharing community d**k. Hey Becky, are you willing to be on the cover of my new magazine called SPRUNG, if so, please let me know ASAP! – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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