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There has been nothing but tons of attention being paid to the concept of being “left behind”. If you are reading this, this means that you have been “left behind.” Here  are the Top 10 reasons why.

#10 -You haven’t talked to God in awhile and He wasn’t sure you were interested.

#9 -Too much debt. He would hate you to default on your credit card.

#8- He figured all that public self mortification lifestyle you were living was just enough, so Heaven wouldn’t interest you.

#7- He didn’t want you to blow that new diet you started, since your physical self  is so important.

#6 -You missed the text alerting you to where to meet him.

#5 -You didn’t forward the email so he figured you would be embarrassed.

Is May 21st Really Judgment Day? This Is What They’re Saying

#4 -You’re a vegan. (If I have to explain… you’ve missed the meaning.)

#3- You were at WalMart/Target.  The sale was just too good to miss.

#2- You spent so much time studying his word that you forgot all about the fact that knowing the word and living the word were two different things

#1 -The bible clearly states that you will neither know the time or the day of the end.

Yes, this is a humorous look at it.  It amazes me how people are so willing to embrace the end of the world rather than help to bring the good things to the world. I love my Lord and Savior, but I am pretty sure all this counting down will lead to is nothing but emptiness.

I hope that when the day comes you will be welcomed on the phrase “Job well done.” Okay, enough of this irrational running about. Let’s get to really building the kingdom.

Do You Think The World Ends On May 21,2011?