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Love obsessed Kim Kardashian gets around.  Her boyfriends have ranged from athletes to musicians to … yeah, that’s about it.  Even though she has publicly proclaimed her desire to wed, only two of her significant others have managed to put a ring on it; most recently,  New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries proposed on May 25, 2011.  But Humphries is just not the guy I picture Kim saying “I do” to.  Here’s my list of Kim’s best boyfriends, from least to greatest.  Who do you choose?

11. Damon Thomas: Obviously Kim shouldn’t have married him if their union in 2000 ended in divorce in 2004.

10. Ray J.: The guy who’s partially to blame for her sex tape scandal probably isn’t groom material.

9. Gabriel Aubry: He screwed things up with Halle Berry … just sayin’.

8. Nick Cannon: I can barely take his marriage with Mariah Carey seriously―I’m sure one with Kim would be pure comedy!

7. John Mayer: Kim dumped him after one date, which makes sense―neither of them can maintain a relationship for very long.

6. Shengo Deane: Whitney Houston already proved that falling for your bodyguard is a bad idea.

5. Miles Austin: Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  But not in this case.

4. Alecko Eskandarian: Kim’s blind date with this fellow Armenian was super cute … even though he is a former pro athlete.

3. Kris Humphries: Alright, he seems like a nice enough guy.  Why not?!

2. Reggie Bush: What can I say? I thought these two had something worth fighting for. I guess Reggie didn’t.

1. Kanye West:  Even though these two are ‘just friends’, friendship is the perfect foundation for romance. Plus, their marriage would have been incredibly entertaining!

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