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I’ve decide to start something new here called “Majic Mellow Mondays.” Every Monday will be geared to you in order for you to make it through one of the hardest days of the work week.  I’ll be giving some smooth music every hour to assist you through the day.

I felt this was necessary to do so because I’m pretty sure right this minute you may be sitting at your desk at a soul-killing job wondering if you will ever escape its day-to-day doldrums without catching a case (I know the feeling oh too well; we’ve all been there). You may have gotten up this morning thinking “Damn, I don’t wanna go to work,” which is a sentiment all too familiar to many and the theme soul man V.Rich‘s new single.

This singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist makes his disdain for that 9-to-5 life plain in the appropriately titled “I Don’t Wanna Go to Work.” Rich is ready to tell his boss to take this job and shove it in order to pursue his dreams while rapper Haze brings it home on the bridge by encouraging those listening to stop working for someone else and get their own. In these rough and tough economic times, that may be easier said than done but this song definitely gives you food for thought.

Enjoy the music below, let us know what you think with a comment and make sure you follow us on twitter for special surprises, downloads, updates and prizes. >>

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