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I usually turn my booty cheeks to any rumors coming out of Hollywood. I mean I’ll see it but I take gossip in general with a grain of salt, that is until it is confirmed signed sealed and delivered in the form of a legit press release/statement issued from the celebrity’s spokesperson. If we don’t have these filters we’ll believe every and anything.

When news broke on HelloBeautiful about Swizz Beatz rumored to be cheating on Alicia Keys, I thought oh hell, here comes another, “you can’t make a hoe a housewife” parade through my twitter timeline. Folks were angry when their relationship originally came to the surface. They were upset about the fact that while Swizz Beats had a young family at home he was practicing baby making techniques on another woman.

Is Swizz Beatz Cheating On Alicia Keys?

It took a while for folks to simmer down and while they may not have accepted the relationship, they had to because of the progression and longevity of it.

While I’m not campaigning for Miss Universe, I know that I’ve never had the experience of breaking up a marriage for the sake of my own passions and desires. Sure I’ve found myself in a “you’re not the only one” situation and it’s not something I or most woman found in the position are proud of, but that’s life. The way I see it you’ve either been cheated on, have cheated or both.

The mention of star-crossed lovers brings me back to the days of studying Romeo and Juliet in high school. The idea of lovers not being able to be with one another in this lifetime despite their passions and desires breaks my heart. This live now, die later mentality is it morally sound to assume that because the emotional connection is there between two individuals that the relationship is meant to be?

No shade to A.Keys or Swizz Beatz because I am a fan of both, I know nothing of what is going on behind the scenes, and I wish them the best, but is it possible to walk away from love and be happy? More specifically, if you knew that the person you loved had a family and other commitments that stood in the way of you being with one another, could you walk away? Would you wait? Or is life too short to hold back your desires?

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