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We’ve all had the growing pains of life. Some more than others. Check out these inspirational stories from BP users and from folks you may have heard of, such as Tyrese and Mario Armstrong. Think about where you are now in your life and the steps and adversity it took for you to get here. How did you imagine the impossible and overcome adversity?

Submitted by ready4reallove91

I’m only 19. Will be 20 this up coming July. My mom and I just finally got our lives back on track. We was homeless for a few years until we had our living situation right. I thought going to College was impossible but I did it. But with all the trauma I went trough I didn’t do so well.

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Submitted by Snanppy30

Being raised by a single parent and living in the worst projects in Atlanta, Ga, I had a child at 14. After that, no one believed in me. Especially my mother.she told me that she did not want me in the beginning because my father used to beat her and to this day, at the age of 44 she still treats me bad. Once I finished high school, I went into the Army for 8 years and during the Desert Storm War, I found out that I was HIV positive.

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