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Look, I’ll just be honest about this, I’m a basketball fan.  I grew up in Chicago during the Jordan era and though I proudly rock my Bears ‘nalia on Sundays during football season, I don’t actually really care about the sport.  I love football season for the trash-talking, beer drinking, wing eating and cutie-spotting (and sometimes I do kind of get in to the game).  That said, I think I’ve learned how to successfully fake-it-til-I-make-it when it comes successfully navigating game day festivities.  Check out my top 5 tips to navigating the football scene.

1.  Dress The Part – The right outfit on game day is clutch.  Of course you want to look cute, but you definitely don’t want to look like your trying too hard.  Buy a cute jersey or t-shirt from your favorite team, or the local team and play the role. Pair it with jeans or cut-off shorts, add flat shoes, or low-heeled boots and be done.  Anything more screams thirst-bucket.   The guys watching the game are not athletes, they are regular dudes.  While watching football their only focus is to enjoy the game and camaraderie of their fellow fans, if you look like too much work they’ll likely pass you by.

2.  Drink Beer, Eat Wings – Football, beer and wings–they’re a package deal.  When you get to the bar, order a beer and have a seat.  You’re signing up to spend several hours in the environment.  A couple of beer bottles in front of you creates the appearance that you’re invested in the game and you’re in it for the long haul.  You’ll get instant respect.

3.  Smile & Cheer – Pick a team to route for and do it.  If you’re cheering for the team the cutie across from you is cheering from, you’ll have lots of opportunities for high-fives and other casual forms of body contact.  If you’re routing for the opposing team, you’ll have lots of opportunities for trash-talking, which leads to trash-talk flirting, which leads to real flirting.

4.  Don’t Ask Dumb Questions – It’s not actually important that you know the real rules of the game, so don’t ask questions and draw attention to your ignorance.  You’ve already got cool points for watching, smiling, looking cute and drinking beer.  Don’t be an over achiever, just hang out and play your lane.

5.  Only Have Conversations During Breaks – Unless the guy engages you first, don’t try to have real conversations while the game is going on.  Men actually really care about the game.  They want to hear the calls, see the replays and never miss an unexpected interception.  If you’re chatting them while the game is going on, they’re going to start to tune you out.  The moment  your voice starts to sound like Charlie Brown’s mom or even worse, his ex-girlfriends, you’ve chatted yourself right out of a date.

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