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The trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor reached another emotional peak Wednesday as jurors heard Jackson say, using slow and slurred speech, “I hurt, you know, I hurt.”

Forensic computer expert Stephen Marx, who found the audio file on Dr. Conrad Murray’s iPhone, said it was recorded on May 10, 2009, as Jackson was preparing for his “This Is It” concerts set for London two months later.

Prosecutors, who played a clip of the stunning audio in their opening statement last week, let the jury hear the entire recording in Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial Wednesday.

“Elvis didn’t do it. Beatles didn’t do it. We have to be phenomenal,” Jackson said. “When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, ‘I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life. Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world.’ I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson Children’s Hospital. Going to have a movie theater, game room.”

In the portion never before heard in court, Jackson talked about his life and concern for children:

“Children are depressed. The — in those hospitals, no game room, no movie theater. They’re sick because they’re depressed. Their mind is depressing them. I want to give them that. I care about them, them angels. God wants me to do it. God wants me to do it. I’m going to do it, Conrad.”

Another voice, which the prosecutor said was Murray’s, is heard saying, “I know you would.”

“Don’t have enough hope, no more hope,” Jackson said. “That’s the next generation that’s going to save our planet, starting with — we’ll talk about it. United States, Europe, Prague, my babies. They walk around with no mother. They drop them off, they leave — a psychological degradation of that. They reach out to me: ‘Please take me with you.'”

At the end, Jackson said he was “going to do that for them.”

Via: CNN.com

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