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A Houston woman was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license, and is also accused of illegally having two different prescription drugs. Houston Police Department investigators said Maria Lorena Teran owned and operated a cosmetic clinic in far west Houston near State Highway 6. Teran was injecting faces and other body parts with Botox, police said. Police said some of Teran’s patients were getting sick. They filed police reports and a lengthy investigation started and included agents with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA.)

“You know, as physicians, we have decades of training on human anatomy and where to inject and where not to inject,” said Dr. Kim Vo, the medical director at Dermagenix located near the Galleria. Like HPD, Vo has heard the horror stories involving unlicensed people injecting Botox and silicone. “You can get infections if it is done in a non-sterile way. In some cases silicone can travel to the blood stream,” Vo said.

And people have died. In January, a woman died in Philadelphia after being injected with silicone by an unlicensed person. The victim was seeking the Kardashian effect, which is a bigger and rounder rear end.

HPD said another Houston woman named Marie Munoz was operating illegally inside an office building on Voss. She pleaded guilty to practicing medicine without a license and will be sentenced next month. As for Teran, she’s out on bond. Detectives are still trying to learn where she was able to get the prescription drugs without a license.

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Story Written by Jeff McShan| KHOU 11 News