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Kris Humphries ParentsKim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce is still on (for now), despite rumors of reconciliation and photos surfacing of the socialite visiting her estranged hubby’s home in Minnesota.

However, even if the couple is making amends, there’s one person that’s still angry: Kris Humphries’ father, William, who told Life & Style:

“There was never a discussion about it — it just came out of nowhere and blindsided Kris. How could someone do that? Kris was completely surprised. The news was already published before he found out! He’s hurting, but we’re here for him. It’s nice that he’s here [in Minnesota] with family during this time. Kris told me that Kim was texting him a lot, but he wouldn’t respond. They did speak briefly the day the split was announced — but only because Kim was apparently pissed that Kris had released his own statement. It’s not a nice situation. No matter how you look at it, he’s going through a divorce.”

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One thought on “Kris Humphries’ Father: “My Son Was Blindsided! How Could Kim Do That?”

  1. Kim is so fake. I agree with Kris Humphries on it was fraud. How are you going to base a marriage working when you
    started your marriage on a reality show with your sister and her boyfriend for
    2 months? Yes Kris was sarcastic, but she didn’t have to dump him on national
    TV which is what she did. If she didn’t want the marriage, she should have
    talked to him. She told everyone but him that she wanted a divorce. If this was such a big mistake why
    would she start another relationship less than six months? Most people would
    have took some time, said what did I do. Not publically go out with another
    man. You know that saying “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”.

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