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Say what!? Mama Ev is dating someone?!!  Last night on the “Braxtons Family Values”, the girls found out that their mom was jumping back in the dating game! Towanda and Trina grill their mom until she finally agrees to go on a double date with Trina and her husband.  While on their double date, Mama Ev and her new man reveal that they are quite serious, but later in the episode she mentions that they have decided to take a break. You go Mama Ev!!

Meanwhile back in L.A, Toni asks her sister Traci to sing backup for her for an upcoming gig and asks Tamar to help teach her the dance steps since it’s been a while since Traci performed with her sisters. Toni has to remind Tamar to be patient while teaching Traci because as you know, Traci tends to be sensitive and Tamar can be quite the handful.

Trina tells her sisters that she’s met cute author/actor, Hill Harper, on a plane and she has him call Towanda because they know that she has a crush on him (I mean who doesn’t..lol). The girls suggest that Towanda ask him to help her with her acting career and she realizes that the only way to get her career really started is to hire an agent.

When it’s time for Toni’s show, Traci gets very nervous because it’s been so long since she’s performed with her sister and she has been begging her for an opportunity for years now and she doesn’t want to mess up. During the show however, Traci nerves cause her to sneak off but she later comes back to the stage and kills it! Get it Traci!

Check out a clip from last night’s episode.

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