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In the world of R&B, love songs are a staple. But let’s face it: A lot of the time, they’re a little sappy and corny, even if they’re beautiful.

Classic songs like Luther Vandross’ “Here and Now” and Heatwave’s “Always and Forever” are yes, gorgeous wedding songs and all that, but what about those that are more about the experience than the emotion, a little more raw than romantic? They make the most lasting impressions – especially the ones made by those of the male species.

So many men say they don’t know how to express themselves; well, these men did on the following tracks – and exposed a few man codes in the process.

Indeed, from the countless recorded songs in which to choose, it was a struggle to narrow down to five, but here they are: The five most honest love songs men have ever made.

What songs would make your list?


Tank’s classic tale of a cheating man trying to get right is still number one on our list of honesty songs. Here’s a man who knows he’s wrong and is willing to admit it to the world. Here’s a man who details the pain of watching his woman cheat on him while he questions her about who’s she’s going out with and who’s calling her, all the while knowing that he’s done the same thing to her in the past. Here’s a man who says “I know I deserve this, but it still hurts.”

“Maybe I Deserve” is such a classic because there will always be a man who feels this way, and fortunately for them, this will always be the song that helps with the heartbreak. Tank really gives up some man code here, admitting that while men may satisfy their selfish desires with other women, when the tables are turned, they hurt too. Six million YouTube views say Tank’s song helped ease some pain.


Donnell Jones is number two on this list, but only because he realized his wrong before he actually cheated on his woman. In this song, Jones admits that he needs a little time and space to figure out who he really wants to be with. Yes, he loves his girl, but he’s just got this lust in his heart for other women, so instead of hurting someone, he decides he needs to figure it out by himself.

You have to give this brother props for realizing his struggle and not inflicting it on some poor woman – but on the other hand, that woman he’s talking about probably wasn’t too happy when he told her how he was really feeling. “I’d rather leave than cheat.” Got to respect a man with values like that. Hopefully, in due time, homegirl realized that with his honesty, he was doing her a huge favor.


We love Cee-Lo, if only because he also wrote the song “Crazy” with Gnarls Barkley, the official theme song to many a dysfunctional relationship, and he appeared in a video where a breakup resulted in a heart literally being torn out of a chest and placed on a plate. We think this man knows breakups.

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