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We are living in one busy and fast growing world, in which home cleaning is not only a duty of the housewife but of the entire family.

So, here is a fun cleaning games which will make the maintenance of your home more fun. And this way, your children will not make up false excuses to avoid the cleaning.

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If your kids are preschool-aged you can tell them to organise their toys but in a way that will attract their interest. So, you can label different toy bins with coloured stickers and tell them that each sticker is for a certain type of toy. For instance, the dolls will go in the box with the pink sticker or all of the soft toys will go in the one with the green sticker. At the end, give them a chocolate or some other candy as a price for their work.

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You an create special clean up kits for the child. The .99 cent store is a great help here. For example, you can buy a little bucket, place a pair of gloves, with a sponge or towel and an index card. On the index card you can place instructions for what you want to be cleaned. You can also make this a “Mission Impossible” theme as well. It will make it fun and the work will get done.

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