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Super Bowl XLVI Best CommercialsFor those who aren’t sports fanatics, the reason they tune into the Super Bowl is for the commercials. The ads were a little weak this year, which made it easy to pick favorites. The Urban Daily decided to highlight five of the best commercials of the 2012 Super Bowl. Sorry, ladies, David Beckham’s H&M ad did not make this list. I feel like I need to throw a “pause” somewhere in here for even mentioning it.

5. Bridgestone Football

Deion Sanders is still complaining! Damn!

4. M&Ms “Sexy And I Know It”

Even as an M&M, I’d let Vanessa Williams cougar self pounce on me.

3.Doritos Sling Baby

That little boy was tight when Grandma shot the baby over to get those Doritos! His expression was priceless.

2. Dannon Greek Yogurt

The headbutt heard around the world!

1. Doritos Man’s Best Friend

What’s a little murder between dog and owner?


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