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via hellobeautiful.com

There’s a Taiwanese media company that’s known to make animated versions of international news events called Next Media Animations. They have recreated the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

“Trayvon Martin Death: A Reconstruction,” which, according to the Taiwan-based company, serves to “explain the events leading up to and following Martin’s death from the accounts of Zimmerman and Martin’s girlfriend.”

Although most of us have read the reports and have an idea of what happened that day on Feb. 26h, this is the first time that the incident has been seen in action.

Watch the reconstruction of the Trayvon Martin tragedy below.

Keeping Up With The Trayvon Martin Tragedy And The Million Hoodie March

Geraldo Rivera Tweets Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie Killed Him [VIDEO]

Also On Majic 102.1:

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