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The special prosecutor and state attorney attached to Trayvon Martin’s case, Angela Corey says that she will not take this case in front of the grand jury. In Florida, only First Degree Murders see the grand jury. Corey will continue to investigate this case without the jury. Corey states that this decision has nothing to do with whether or not George Zimmerman–Trayvon Martin’s admitted murderer–will be convicted. This decision to not use the jury does, however, mean that Zimmerman’s conviction is solely Corey’s decision.

WTF?! George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Uses “Shaken Baby Syndrome” As Defense

The special prosecutor, Norm Wolfinger, attached to the case before Corey recused himself–which means that he took himself off the case because of conflict of interest or lack of impartiality. When the pressure of this case making national news got too heavy to bear, Wolfinger walked away from he case. His decision before he stepped away from the case was to try it in front of the grand jury.

Corey’s office has made a statement, saying, “At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.” And Martin’s family attorney, Natalie Jackson is hopeful about the decision to not use the grand jury. She says, “I think it signals that an arrest could be forthcoming. I don’t have any indication; that is just my opinion, but there is enough evidence in this case for an arrest, and a jury should be the one to decide his fate. Basically, Jackson is hopeful that because the decision is up to one person, there’s a higher chance that Zimmerman will get the fate he deserves and that a jury (not a grand jury) should sentence him.

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