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Finally someone has come forward to claim the last winnings from the Mega Millions lottery! Three school teachers from Maryland went in on the lotto tickets and will now be getting $35 million dollars each after taxes. They want to remain anonymous and do not wish to come forward publicly, and by state law they aren’t required to. But here’s what we do know according to

The winners in Maryland are a woman in her 20s, a man in his 40s, and a woman in her 50s.

They are an elementary school teacher, a special education teacher, and an administrative worker.

The three made a plan. They each contributed $20 to purchase 60 tickets! They signed copies of the ticket, and one of the winners took the ticket to her mother’s house to put in her safe.

When they came to claim their portion of the jackpot, all were “modest” and “humbled,” said Stephen Martino, director of the Maryland Lottery.

One wants to take a backpacking trip through Europe with her brother; another wants to pay for his daughters’ college educations and buy his sister a house; the third wants to tour Italy’s wine country, Martino said. All plan to invest money and purchase new homes as well.

“Most importantly,” one winner said in the statement, “we’re going to be careful with how the money is spent. I watched coverage of the jackpot win on television all week, just so I could listen to the financial advice the professionals were offering.”

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