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Evelyn Lozada should have known that when she accepted Chad Ochocinco’s proposal that she’d be dealing with some off-the-wall requests for their wedding. I mean, the man changed his name to Ochocinco. Good thing Evelyn is as assertive as she is because she can pull Chad back when his wedding ideas get s little crazy, like him wanting wild animals in the bridal party of their July wedding.

“He has certain requests that I don’t necessarily agree with. Chad thinks outside of the box a lot of the time,” Evelyn told in an exclusive interview. Surprisingly enough, Evelyn wants to compromise with her crazy fiance’s requests. “He wanted to have animals at my wedding, and I didn’t agree with that vision, and that’s something that he is not letting up on and now we are dealing with and I am now trying to find ways to compromise. I want to make him happy and make him feel like he is included in our big day. Maybe it’s a llama or something small, but no lions or elephants. I feel bad for them! I have been to a few events where they have had animals caged up and it bothers me.”

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Who knew Evelyn was thoughtful? She’s got to have her New England Patriots hubby-to-be help her plan because she’s busy. Evelyn tells Radaronline, “It’s been crazy! There’s a lot of pressure, I had a venue and there were issues with that, we started off late with it all,” she revealed. “I am under a lot of pressure, filming my own project, working on my career and my branding.”

In case you’re curious about Evelyn and Chad’s crazy wedding plans, you’ll be able to see them on their new reality show, Eve & Ocho–premiering in September on Vh1, where Evelyn says we’ll get to see the human side of her instead of the side of her that’s always wanting to slap Jennifer and/or Kenya Bell up. That side of her exists?

Will you be watching Eve & Ocho to see all of the reality show royalty’s wedding drama?

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