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When the recording of George Zimmerman’s 911 call reporting a “suspicious” Trayvon Martin in a hoodie was released, we all swore we heard the word “coon” a few times. Debates surfaced about Zimmerman not saying the racial slur, but nothing was proven…until now.

An affidavit released by prosecutor, Angela Corey, who has charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder says he did not use a slur. The document filed Thursday did say Zimmerman “profiled” Martin. It did not elaborate. Smh, so it’s proven that Martin was racially profiled, but those derogatory terms that we couldn’t really decipher were, what–terms of endearment?

The alleged use of the word, “coon” can however be used as potential evidence that can gain Zimmerman a hate crime charge. The affidavit may not even have an effect on the case. Let’s hope not because if they try to prove that Zimmerman didn’t use racial slurs, they might even try to prove that Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin wasn’t racially charged. We all know the truth.

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