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If you couldn’t already guess, I am “the husband.” And, as you can see, I am two weeks behind my worthy counterparts, and that’s because, prior to writing this, I had a more pressing matter: Finishing my tasks on the “honey do” list.

By and large, men are fairly simple creatures. If you feed us, sleep with us and occasionally buy us a gadget, we’re yours. In return, a husband has to do certain things, a la the “honey do” list. It’s usually a list of chores or errands that wives either can’t or won’t do (it’s usually ‘won’t’). My personal “honey do” list includes washing the cars, taking out the garbage, washing dishes, vaccuming, feeding the dog, plowing the corn fields and anything involving manual labor.

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Now, it’s not that we mind doing the work (normally), but why do we need a list? Are we that irresponsible that we wouldn’t otherwise get my stuff done? Do we need to be reminded every weekend of our chores before we can go out and play? And what happens if the cars don’t get washed or the bathroom isn’t painted? Will someone die? Will the house fall into disarray? No… But you will have one pissed-off partner on your hands, and you know what they say about a woman scorned. It’s five times worse when she sleeps right next to you.

So, I hope you all learned something from this post. And I will be back next week with more of my insights as a new husband… As long as I make sure that I first shingle the roof, unclog the bathroom sink, build a deck, mow my in-laws’ lawn, sweep under the fridge…

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