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A Chicago police officer shocked expecting mother Tiffany Rent with a stun gun late Tuesday night and now she is worried about the health of her unborn child, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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Rent, who is eight months pregnant, insists that she informed the officer that she was expecting. She also contends that the policeman went overboard during their dispute over a parking violation.

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Rent was parked in a handicap space at a Walmart while her fiance, Joseph Hobbs, shopped inside. An officer approached Rent and wrote her a parking ticket. She reportedly tore up the ticket and threw it at the officer. The officer, in turn, wrote her a littering ticket and asked for ID, according to a police report.

“I ain’t giving you (expletive),” the report quoted Rent as saying.

Rent reportedly got back into her SUV and the officer warned her that he would use a stun gun if she attempted to drive off. Just as Rent placed her hand on the gear shifter in an alleged attempt to hightail it from the scene, the officer shocked her with his stun gun.

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Hobbs was also taken into custody when he tried to help Rent. He claims that he suffered a dislocated elbow during the arrest.

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Rent was taken to two area hospitals for treatment. Both she and Hobbs were charged with misdemeanors.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told the Chicago Tribune that officers can use stun guns in order to prevent escape or prevent an assault.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating Rent’s case.

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