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Would you give your 14-year-old daughter birth control pills? It is simply a precaution on your behalf, but it could possibly lead to promiscuity. Kris Jenner, mother of the Kardashian clan, revealed that she would and did!

“You can try and talk your kids out of it, but unless you lock your child in the closet and throw the key away, they’re going to do what they feel. So my philosophy has also been make sure your kids are healthy, well taken care of and educated,” said Jenner during an interview with Bethenny Frankel.

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She added:

“Kim came to me and you know, was very honest with me and said ‘Mommy I think I’m feeling, you know, sexual,’”  she continues. “What I did as a parent with all my girls. When I felt like it was that time in their life that they were going to that step … I drive as fast as I could to the gynecologist’s office.”

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