ADD/HD has been one of the top, steadily increasing diagnoses for children.

If your child has an attention deficit disorder, many questions arise to help your child be the best they can be. Dr. Kevin Ross Emery helps you better understand ADD/HD and the effects it has on your child.

ADD/HD is an evolutionary process that will most likely not disappear. When people stop seeing ADD/HD individuals as broken, people stop trying to “quick fix” them and embrace their natural rhythms, harmonies and uniqueness.

Simple lifestyle choices help a child be successful while living with ADD/HD.

Here are some lifestyle choices to follow:

  • Lighter, less processed foods richer in nutrients
  • Eating smaller meals more often
  • Environments which include full spectrum lightening, therapeutic magnets, less chemicals in the air, water and diet
  • Proper use of herbs, supplements, and aromatherapies
  • Working with programs such as brain gym,bio-feedback, but not as a cure but as part of an overall program.
  • Create learning programs based on complete and accurate assessments of their learning and processing styles
  • Having them taught in flexible, challenging, dialogue based classrooms, filled with interactive activities
  • Engage them in critical thinking based participatory learning, both in school and at home which empower and engage them

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