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Tamar Braxton can sang. Point. Blank. Period. Dot coms, dot orgs and giving out seats aside, the youngest Braxton sister’s vociferous vocals play to her advantage on her latest single, “Love & War.” If you watch “Tamar & Vince,” you’ve heard a snippet of Tamar’s heartfelt struggle of love anthem. I’m hoping this song is indicative of the sound we’ll hear on her album.

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It’s almost like I’m listening to the lovechild of Toni Braxton and Keyshia Cole. She’s got the soul of both of them and that conviction that makes you want to clench your fists and pump it into the air when hitting or trying to hit Tamar’s high notes. Well, at least that’s what I do when I hear it.

Listen to Tamar’s “Love & War” Below:

It seems Tamar is letting her art imitate her life. This song brings the heartache we watch her deal with in her marriage with Vince. But they’ve both let the world know that no matter how much war there is between them, the love is the glue that holds their bond tight.

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