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Land Rover Flips Over But Dennis Rodman Unhurt (thumbnail)

Dennis Rodman thought he could get away with not paying child support; he seems to live life without rules doesn’t he?

The former NBA star was ordered to pay $500,000 in back child support to his ex-wife after being found in contempt of court.  Eccentric and unruly at times, Rodman is best known for his interesting taste in hair color and affinity for women’s clothing. According to reports, the Orange County (California) Superior Court Commissioner Barry Michaelson warned him that he could face some serious jail time if he didn’t pay up.  The amount he’s got to pay now is actually a step down from what his ex told authorities he owes – $850,000.  Now the former couple will be going back to court to determine the custody fate of their pre-teen son and daughter.

That’s a lot of cash.


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