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Tom joyner & michelle obama*If you missed it, this morning First Lady Michelle Obama called in to the Tom Joyner Morning Show to thank Joyner and his listeners for their support and hard work put in to win the 2012 election.


Mrs. Obama boasted on patriotism and how proud she is of where this country is.


The FLOTUS has already said she’s not down with running for the Illinois senate seat and now that Hillary Clinto saying (for now) that she’s not thinking about running the the presidency in 2016, the crew couldn’t wait to ask if she was interested in staying in the White House.


Put it this way, Michelle made it clear that she is not even remotely interested.


Sybil Wilkes: You got in trouble a while ago, during the first election, when you said you were really proud to be an American. But it really was — this second election — this reelection cycle was really one of those, I think, where people really felt that they were very patriotic, Mrs. Obama.


MICHELLE OBAMA: Yes. And everybody stepped up. I mean, the 4 percent increase in voting in the African American community shocked a lot of people. And I think that’s another message that we have to understand — we have so much power in the vote.


There are more of us who want — know what the country should look like, who understand what fairness means and opportunity, who are willing to fight for it for more people, open that door of opportunity even wider. There are more of us than we know. And if we vote and when we vote, the right thing happens.


Tom Joyner: And then 2016, we might have to vote for Michelle Obama for President.


Sybil Wilkes: Will we have another Obama?


MICHELLE OBAMA: Well, you know that’s just not going to happen…Unlike many, I know what the job entails



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