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When it comes to highly anticipated/ambitious albums in the music industry, particularly in Hip Hop and R&B, they have a bad reputation for never being released or being placed on indefinite hold. However, with 2013 looming and a number of the artists on this list reemerging from silence in recent years, there is hope that since their long overdue/promised albums were not released in 2012, that 2013 maybe the year. Some of these may be so overdue, you may have forgotten about them- but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming! With that said, here is the top 10 most delayed albums—EVER!!

10)  Janelle Monae- The Electric Lady and Untitled Album

If you are like this writer, then this is probably the most anticipated album on this list.  To call Janelle Monae a breath of fresh air is an understatement- she is the truth- period.  Anyone questioning this only needs to listen to her phenomenal album The ArchAndroid to know why.  Voice, beauty, dance moves, originality, creativity, and business minded- she has it all- with the exception of one thing- an official album release date!!  Toward the end of 2011, she announced that in 2012 she would release 2 albums.  Due to similar promises made by artists previous to her (some are on this list actually), there was skepticism that this would happen.  It does not help either that she is signed to Bad Boy, and anyone familiar with their history of delaying albums would understand why, especially since the company seems to have centered its attention to more street influenced artists such as MGK andFrench Montana as of late.  Yet there was hope- 2 new songs were premiered at a festival this summer, and a confirmation of an official album title too.  Then…nothing.  Now that 2012 is almost over, the question is will 2013 be the year of the return of the ArchAndroid?

Update:  The most recent update was the confirmation of one of the album’s names:  The Electric Lady.  Outside of fans continue to listen to The ArchAndroid in hopes of an announced release date soon.

Chances:  3 out of 5 (for at least one album)

9)     Erykah Badu- New Amerykah Part 3

Ms. Badu introduced many, including this writer, to the world of Neo-soul via Baduizm.  Since then, she has taken her angle of the genre in directions that some of original fans may not fully understand or appreciate, but nevertheless, she has a loyal following, and she will always have respect for creativity and willingness to take chances.  So of course, when she announced the New Amerykah album trilogy, and released 2 of the 3 albums, whether you were a fan of the albums or not, you paid attention.  Each had their own sound and messages, but most importantly it was all Badu, and it was building up to the final chapter of her trilogy.  That is until the final chapter disappeared!! Will 2013 be the year it reappears?

Update:  Silence…

Chances of a 2013 release:  .2 out of 5  (yes, that is a ‘.’  before the 2, not a mistype)

8)     50 Cent- Black Magic/Street King Immortal

This album release is quickly gaining the reputation of one of his mentors and reaching Detox levels of release/delay/release.  Since his last major album release (Before I Self Destruct), 50 has not been the same, nor has his buzz.  While there were a few that considered BISD an excellent album (this writer included), that sentiment was not shared amongst most album buyers. In fact, some may argue that once he “lost” the album release battle with Kanye West prior to BISD, that was when the industry really changed.  It opened the door for the Kid Cudi’s and Drake’s to be taken seriously and attain a solid claim in the rap game that was once occupied by the more hard hitting, gritty style music 50 comes from.  Nevertheless, he stays in the news, has a very large group of followers around the world, and has still been releasing music- just not an official album.  Between public feuds with his parent label, his own artists, and bosses, it is surprising that an official album is still being discussed.  Initially called Black Magic, the name and direction have been restructured multiple times.  Multiple release dates have been announced, but when it comes time for the album to be released- nothing.  So what’s really going on?  Will 2013 break the trend and we see the return of aka Ferrari?

Update:  It was given a firm confirmation and release date for Nov. 2012, and 2 solid singles.  However, November came and went with no update.

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