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Tia-mowry-placentaThe Mowry twins took sisterly love to a whole new level on the season finale of “Tia & Tamera.” In what is one of the most bizarre stunts I’ve seen, Tamera squirted some of her placenta into her sister’s mouth with a dropper.

It took Tia, 34, some convincing to go along with the stunt:

‘So you want me to try and taste your placenta? Oh my god I see residue,’ Tia exclaimed as Tamera moved forward to squirt the substance into her mouth.

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I’m thinking the brandy her sister had mixed into the placenta made it more palatable, but Tia was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

‘It’s kind of good!,’ Tia remarked.

It wasn’t the first time the twins have shared bodily substances. Tamera drank some of Tia’s breast milk in 2011 following the birth of her son Cree.

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