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Bobbi Kristina is allegedly so upset over her grandmother Cissy Houston‘s new memoir ‘Remembering Whitney’ that she’s threatening to cut her off financially.

Sources say that Bobbi K believes Cissy cashed in on her beloved mom’s Whitney Houston’s death by writing the tell-all. She resents the way Cissy dished the dirt on her father Bobby Brown and her mom’s alleged lesbian relationship with her former personal assistant, Robyn Crawford.

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Cissy tried to patch things up with her Bobbi K, a furious Krissi reportedly hung up on her grandmother:

“When Cissy phoned to say she never intended to hurt Bobbi Kristina or tarnish Whitney’s image, Krissi told her she never wanted to speak to her again — then slammed the phone down,” says the source.

The angry youngster has also vowed to cut her Gospel-legend granny out of any part of Whitney’s $20 million estate, says the source. Bobbi Kristina stands to inherit her mom’s fortune in 2014 on her 21st birthday.

[Bobbi Kristina] believes Cissy and the rest of the family “want to control her life and her fortune,” says the second source. “She’s vowed never to let that happen — and won’t give them a dime of her mother’s money. She says the book Cissy wrote was the last straw — just another attempt to cash in on her mom’s hard work and talent — and now her death!”

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