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Dear Tom,

My god-sister is an awesome single mother of 2 boys and a girl: Jaylen (7), Ja’lil (8), and Jante’ (11). Her real name is Renetta but her oldest brother gave her the nickname “STAR” because she was the baby of the family and got all of the attention.

Star works hard as an Emergency Medical Technician – performing emergency medical procedures on people on the way to the hospital…but when she is at home, she gives unselfishly to her children with lots of love, undivided attention and constant support.

Star is focuses all of her time and energy on her children by providing them with a comfortable life. They don’t always get everything they want, but she makes sure they have everything they need.

She is a nurturing human being who is always extending her hand to help those in need  – which makes career an an E.M.T. a perfect fit.

She loves to take the kids on road trips in her Ford Explorer – and with Spring Break coming up, I know she would like to plan a trip somewhere fun and exciting for her family of four.

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