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Mitt Romney is heading back to work, Dennis Rodman is going back to North Korea and a woman was killed by a lion while having sex. Chris Paul has all of these whacky stories covered in this Morning Minute.


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

I guess Mitt Romney has finally gotten over that Presidential ass whooping he took because he’s going back to work.  Mitt Romney took a job at his son’s investment firm and he starts on Monday.  So that means that this weekend Mitt will be going to Wal-Mart to buy some new binders.

 Dennis Rodman is returning to North Korea to broker its own peace treaty with dictator Kim Jung Un.  Does Dennis realize that Kim Jung Un is a madman and he could end up a hostage?  Dennis probably thinks our President will rescue him just like they did the hostages in Argo.  But President Obama will tell that negro Dennis real quick, Argo f*ck yourselves.

The NBA kicked off its celebration of Latin Heritage with Noche Latina, an NBA team from coast to coast will take part of the festivities.  Hmm, sounds like a real slick plan to get fans to clean up the arena after the games.

Oh, no.  In Zimbabwe a woman crept off into the bushes to have sex with her lover.  And then during her lovemaking she was killed when a lion attacked her and ate her.  The lesson here is during sex you ladies should be careful of what you ask for.


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