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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! (thumbnail)Katherine Jackson and the King of Pop’s offspring are headed to court this morning as the family of the befallen singer seek damages in his death. The family seeks more than $40 billion in their lawsuit against AEG. 

The question at the center of the trial: Was Michael Jackson, who battled an “intense and decades-long addiction” to prescription drugs, responsible for his death, reports TMZ.

The Jackson family is expected to argue the concert promoter should have kept better tabs on Dr. Conrad Murray in his treatment of the pop star, according to the report. Meanwhile, CNN reports AEG Live will attempt to avoid liability by illustrating MJ’s drug problem started long before Murray’s care, and that Jackson sought out his care even before the “This Is It” tour on his own volition.

Murray is not expected to testify in the trial. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in his trial on Nov. 7, 2011, and was sentenced to four years of incarceration. However, due to overcrowding of California’s prison system, he is expected to serve less than two years in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Stay tuned right here. We’ll bring you more as the trial unfolds…

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