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It’s day 2 of “5 Days of Fantasia“ featuring exclusive new music from her upcoming album “Side Effects Of You,” due to release in stores and online April 23rd.

Return each day this week to hear 3 more songs before Fantasia’s new album comes out!

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Fantasia’s “If I Was A Bird” is the next song we’re serving up for you. In this mid-tempo ballad, she confesses to her man she “would have been out that door, years ago” because of  the hurt he is caused her. But it’s her enduring love for him that has kept them together. This is definitely a situation women can relate to.

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Listen to “If I Was A Bird” below and make sure you Like it above and Share!

Click Here To See The Tracklist Of “Side Effects Of You” By Fantasia

Pre-order and purchase Fantasia’s new album “Side Effects Of You” on iTunes here.

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