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Kym Whitley had an hour to decide if she wanted a baby. The actress/comedian mentored young women and when one of them got pregnant she decided that Kym would make a better mother than she would. That’s how Kym Whitley became a mother, a journey documented in the new OWN show “Raising Whitley,” debuting Saturday night at 10 p.m. Kym’ s son Joshua is now 2. Since she was single, Whitley decided that she would put together a village of friends and family to help her raise her new son. We caught up with Whitley recently and she told us how having a child has changed her for the better.

BLACK AMERICA WEB: So Kym, you have a new show and a new baby. Tell us how all of that happened.

KYM WHITLEY: I was mentoring a young lady and she had a child and she gave my name at the hospital and I got a phone call one day and the hospital staff said Come get your baby. I was like Haha, figuring it was one of my girlfriends and they said No, you really have to come get your baby and I was like I”ll call you back in a week and they said No, you have an hour. That’s pretty much how that happened?

BAW: So this was a young woman you mentored and she thought you’d be a good person to donate your baby to?

Kym: That’s hilarious. Yeah, she obviously didn’t really know me. (Laughs). She knew me as a good person but she didn’t really know my life was as crazy as it is. They told me I had an hour to make a decision, that’s the crazy part. BAW: What has the transition been like for you becoming a mother at age…we don’t know.

Kym: At a later age. (Laughs) I was just partying and doing what I wanted to do. I traveled a lot. I did stand up. You cannot do that. I would leave my dog because he has a doggy door. Well, you can t leave a doggy door with a baby. I’m tired, but I love it.

BAW: Did you want a baby? Or did you think the time had passed?

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