Frankly, I won’t be buying my kid Versace sheets for college; cotton sheets will be just fine.

Here’s how Black Enterprise magazine broke it down:

“While everyone can benefit from learning about money management and taking a more hands-on approach with their finances, young adults — including those just starting a career or a family and others still in high school or college — have plenty to gain by learning to be smart about money, and a lot to lose by making uninformed decisions.”

Meanwhile, Deion Jr. is following in his father’s footsteps by playing football at SMU. The younger Sanders has big-time talent, according to some reports, but he will have the added pressure of living up to his father’s name. Coaches will not expect Deion Jr. to be an average player – they will expect him to be an exceptional player.

But will Junior also indulge in his father’s high-end spending habits? And, more important, should we care?

One thing is certain: Deion Jr. can rest easy in his dorm room, curled up in designer sheets while dreaming of scoring touchdowns on the SMU gridiron.

What do you think? Is Deion Sr. sending his son the wrong message? Should we care?

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