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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

OJ Simpson was in court yesterday to ask for his retrial.  And y’all won’t believe how they treated The Juice.  OJ was brought into court all shackled up, like the opening scene in Django.  Then they would only unshackle one hand so he could put on his glasses and take notes.  Why are they treating OJ like some savage, Hannibal Lecter like criminal?  It’s not like he killed anybody, right?

Tonight the Miami Heat attempt to close out their playoff series against Sybil Wilkes’s Chicago Bulls, but they may have to do without Dwyane Wade.  D. Wade has been listed as questionable.  Now when they say questionable they mean because of his bad knee, not because of that polka-dot Capri pants suit he had on the other night, although that is questionable.

Uh-oh, the National Transportation Safety Board has voted in favor of lowering the legal blood alcohol level in all states from .08 to .05.  That means whereas now you can drink around four beers and still legally drive soon you’ll be able to only drink two and get behind the wheel.  Man, Bobby Brown might as well sell his car right now.

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