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Dear Tom:

My name is Sylita and I am a single foster parent of two.   My children are sister and brother, two and three years-old.  I have had my little girl since she was four months-old and my boy from sixteen months.  I never knew what i was missing not being a parent until i became one.  Now, i can’t imagine my life without them.

Tom, since the children have come to stay with me, we have had to move twice.  The first move was to provide more space for the babies and then I had to relocate due to an un-fixable mold problem, which made us sick.   As you may know, it is very expensive to move and I had to do it two times in one year because of this situation i have fallen behind in all of my bills and now I find it has become impossible to get caught up.

Recently, the children’s biological parents’ rights have been terminated and that has put me in the position to adopt my beautiful babies.  My Christmas wish is to ask for your help to cover their expensive daycare for a few months.  This gift will enable me to cover my most pressing bills, while making the transition from fostering to adoption, so we can start our new lives together—as a family.



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