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“It makes me feel like I’m active again. After being injured in Iraq, I tried to go back and be with the guys and it wasn’t the same. They had their different experiences and I had different experiences. That’s the same thing with my character. They love him and they want to embrace him back, but there’s a lot of things that he has to work through.”

The show is set in Malibu, but is shooting in Cape Town, which Martinez says has parts even more beautiful than it’s coastal cousin. Though Martinez had no acting ambitions before his accident, says that his acting aspirations afterwards provided an outlet. When “All My Children” was looking to cast a real-life veteran in the role of a soldier coming home, Martinez used his motivational speaking skills to his advantage.

“I was comfortable in front of a camera,” he says. “I came in and I just worked at it. I came in for 3 months and it led to 3 years.”

You can go to JR’s official website  to see what time and on what station “Saf3″ comes on in your area.

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