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Dear Tom,

I recently turned 30 and my mother turned 50 this past June. She is 14 years into her 2nd marriage. She keeps herself busy driving my younger brother to football games & practice and my little sister is in band and if that wasn’t enough – they go to two separate schools on opposite sides of town.

She has been a certified nursing assistant for 5 years and loves everything about it. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her patients are taken care of as if they were her own parents. She has aspirations of opening her own nursing home in the future.

My mom is serious about education. she had to put hers on hold to start a family. She started school 20 years ago and recently went back nursing school to get her Licensed practical nurse license so she can become registered nurse.

My mom doesn’t qualify for financial aid so she has been paying out-of-pocket the whole time. She decided to take this semester off so she can go back in January. She has been using the same old computer since 2007 and I know she could use a new laptop for when school starts up again. I know she will be very surprised.


Yureka PIrtle

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