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Pebbles finally speaks out on the TLC biopic.  In an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine Pebbles said,

 “I am not guilty of what these people have said and done for 20 years.”

Before the biopic aired, TLC did several interviews and confirmed that Pebbles gave them a bad record deal when she managed them, Pebbles responded,

“I am in shock listening to all this mess and lies on this radio interview!!This is madness!!! It’s SO hard to believe this! DO NOT believe. Not going to comment about this anymore on here UN officially. Dealing with this though.”

Then she hit us with the scripture saying,

“He who states his case first seems right, until his rival comes and cross-examines him. (Proverbs 18:17 AMP).”

Let’s just say that she did not do the things that TLC accuses her of doing.  Just the fact that she made those girls pay her $1 million per letter was evil enough.


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