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(HOUSTON, TX) – Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland says his officers did not racially profile two black men who were cuffed and detained after being found with a white 13-year-old girl.

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The chief says the three were found at 3 am in a parking lot asleep in a car.

The African American men claim they were racially profiled and had a notarized document from the mother proving they were taking care of her child.

Now they say they may take legal action.

Chief McClelland says his patrol officer did the right thing after he says the three were found passed out in a car at 3 am:

“Folks have fraudulent documents all the time and I can’t expect a police officer to verify if the documents are authentic or not at 3am in a parking lot.

So that’s why we aired on the side of caution, took the child to CPS.

They are the experts when it comes to verifying these documents – made all the right calls to make sure this child was ok.”

He says the girl was treated as a victim and turned over to CPS until the men’s story was verified.

One of the men is 22 and the girl’s dance partner. The other man is 29 and the coach.

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