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CBS Atlanta is reporting that the family of slain teenager Kendrick Johnson is filing a lawsuit against the funeral home who handled Johnson’s body.

According to the site, the family filed the complaint with the Secretary of State’s Office. The funeral home’s owner, Antonio Harrington, mishandled the teenager’s innards by removing his organs and placing them into newspaper.

The complaint attests, “At best, (A. Harrington) misled us as to the condition of our son’s body, and at worst, is responsible for the removal and destruction of his organs, and, thus desecration of our son’s body.” Adding, “According to information from the GBI, all of our son’s organs were placed back inside of his body once the initial autopsy was completed.”

The complaint also alleges the owner was an active participant in a cover-up. “Mr. Harrington may have facilitated a cover-up as to the cause of our son’s death to the extent that the missing organs may have deprived our pathologists the means by which to determine how he may have died.”

Johnson was found dead in a rolled-up wrestling mat inside the gym of his high school on January 11, 2013.

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